Older adult woman exchanges laugh with middle school child in classroom.

Improving the lives of children,
youth and older adults through intergenerational collaboration,
public policies, and programs.

Youth Jumpstart Grants

Generations United encourages youth (ages 13-25) to start, expand and lead intergenerational programs in their communities. We are pleased to be currently working with Mentor Up, a new way to make a difference from AARP Foundation, and MetLife Foundation on these grants. (See our resource guide to get started: Because We're Stronger Together.)

Generations United and Mentor Up are partnering on a youth-led intergenerational grant program to address the needs of vulnerable adults aged 50 and over. These Youth Jumpstart grants are aimed at providing youth (ages 13-25) an opportunity to take a leadership role in a project that supports older adults while building strong, healthy intergenerational communities.  Learn more about the exciting work of our grantees here.

Learn more about the Generations United/MetLife Foundation Youth Jumpstart Grantees who are developing youth-led projects designed to promote intergenerational solutions to societal challenges and build stronger communities. 

Contact Leah Bradley with any questions or to learn more about the Youth Jumpstart grant program.

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