Older adult woman exchanges laugh with middle school child in classroom.

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Pre-Application Checklist

Before you complete the Programs of Distinction application, we recommend you take a few minutes to answer the questions on this checklist.

 Does your program address documented needs?
 Are your intergenerational activities tied to program goals and participant interests and input?  Yes  No
 Do you offer formal training/orientation for staff and participants?  Yes  No
 Are your intergenerational programs coordinated by staff or volunteers knowledgeable about all participants?    
 Yes  No
 Do you collect evaluation data from your program and use it to improve your program?  Yes  No
 Is your intergenerational program supported by organizational leadership and community partners?  Yes  No
If you answered “yes” to ALL of these questions, we recommend you complete the application for the Program of Distinction Designation.

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, we recommend you contact gu@gu.org for information on strategies to further develop your intergenerational program.
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